Maximize the video to see the entire phone demo

Maximize the video to see the entire phone demo

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Aloha is not just hello, it's a way of life!

Say Aloha to a whole new way of life!
  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Secure
Take a look at many of the features you can do with the Aloha App!


Social media is great, but at what cost? The lack of privacy and growing security issues have many folks, like you, concerned about how you use technology in this new world. But with Aloha Worldwide, we've taken every step possible to provide our users with a fun, convenient, and SECURE experience.

Here are many of the features available with Aloha on your side!


  • Text
  • Email
  • Call
  • Video Call
  • Map & Directions
    • To appointments
    • Home
    • Work
    • Last location
    • Share location [i.e. if lost]
    • Emergency
  • Appointments [1 touch]
    • Schedule [Shareable]
    • Directions [1 touch]
    • Call/Video Call [1 touch]
  • Send/Receive Money from friends
  • Pay Merchants
  • Tasks [shareable]
  • Shopping list [shareable/TTS]
  • Notes [for each contact]


  • Book ahead
  • Pay
  • Never wait in line
  • Key card not required anywhere
  • Directions
  • Events
  • Packages/Day Trips
  • Tours


  • Last location
  • Valet
  • Keyless Entry
  • Appointments
  • Maintenance Aids
  • Mileage


  • Instant Balances
  • Paperless Receipts [everything in 1 location]
  • Memo on each item
  • Deposit Checks


  • Shop [Local/Online/Favorites]
  • Pay for gas
  • Vending machines
  • Order Food
  • Delivery


  • Events [National/Local/Global]
  • Garage Sales
  • QR [Custom personal/business card]
  • Group Invites
  • Supports QR Code [Purchase/Info]
  • QR [Advertising in videos/streets…]
  • Local temperature

Parental Controls

  • Spending Limits
    • Daily
    • Per Purchase
    • Age Appropriate
    • Off Limits
  • School

  • Meetings
  • Send last minute money
  • Video Calls
  • Teacher input
  • Payments [automated]
  • Milestone Payments

  • House repairs [NOT 50% down…]
  • Day work
  • Project work
  • Shipping

  • Ship
  • Receive
  • Jobs

    • Find a job
    • Find an employee
    • Payroll

    Built-in Security [Patent Pending]

    The short list of the app’s features above and it all starts with Patent Pending Security.

    This is an overview and not meant to be an exhaustive list, to see more features download the free app.

    Stop giving out your financial information!
    In 2023 this revolutionary app enables you to do every transaction without giving out any financial information!

    No Credit Card & No Bank Info

    • No monthly phone bill
    • No Credit Card
    • No Checking Account required
    • No account information is stored or sent, EVER!
    People without a credit card or a checking account can utilize this app.

    A New Concept

    Simple, Safe & Secure. With Aloha Worldwide your financial information is NOT required!
    That means it is secure.

    Your financial information is never shared when you make a purchase, pay friends, pay bills, purchase tickets, donate and much more…
    Plus we will NEVER sell or share your personal information.

    Using your phone is now easier, safer and smarter!

    One App.
    Unlimited Opportunity.

    There is no reason to figure out what app or website to use, even when you make a lot of different types of purchases with a lot of different companies, because there is a FREE POS app that saves the local stores money. Because it saves them money, most of them are available or will be available, making your life easier by allowing you to use one app, the Aloha Worldwide App. 

    Our users love knowing that when they shop local with their Aloha Worldwide App, they’re not just supporting local businesses, but their whole community.

    To get started today – sharing Aloha Worldwide click on the button below.

    Our Security

    Our app is powered by Mahalo Pay, a frictionless payment system developed with one thing in mind, saving people money. With its payment system, Aloha Worldwide connects its users with their favorite shops, restaurants, churches, parks, non-profits, and much more. Together, we are helping lift up small businesses and organizations around the nation.

    To get started today – sharing Aloha Worldwide click on the button below.


    Say goodbye to credit card fees!

    Small, local businesses have the power to control their own destiny when they accept Aloha Worldwide as their preferred payment method. With competitive rates and unmatched security, Aloha Worldwide truly can be the hero to local businesses.
    To get started today – sharing Aloha Worldwide click on the button below.

    Support Your Church

    The heart of a community

    Like you, we love our community churches and the work they do. Churches, like businesses, that take credit cards have been forced to pay those fees for decades, taking a percentage of your good faith intentions to corporations. These “small” percentages add up quickly. People shouldn’t profit on tithing. Churches use that money in their communities. That’s why we’ve vowed to help ANY church looking for savings with our FREE TITHING services. Now, 100% of tithing donations go right to the church.
    To get started today – sharing Aloha Worldwide click on the button below.

    Person-to-Person Payments

    The most SECURE way to pay friends, family, and local businesses.

    Send funds fluidly without the proven risks credit cards bring by using Aloha Worldwide. Our easy-to-use app keeps you one click away from transferring friends or family money when THEY need it. Plus, it’s free to use.

    To get started today – sharing Aloha Worldwide click on the button below.


    Mahalo Pay Fees Explained
    Download cost$0.00No download cost
    Mahalo Pay account Setup$0.00No fee to setup
    Monthly fees$0.00No monthly fees
    Person to person 0% No fees for sending/receiving funds
    Purchase from business 0% No fees to consumers to shop
    Purchase online from business 0% No fees to consumers online
    Transfer from verified checking/savings account 0% No fee
    STANDARD (1-3 days) 0% processing fee to transfer funds to your verified checking/savings account INSTANT (within minutes) 0.49% – 0.99% processing fee to your verified checking/savings account (+Low to NO p/transaction fee)
    Transfer Amount Transaction fee
    $0 – $99.99 $0.69
    $100 – $499.99 $0.49
    $500 – $999.99 $0.39
    Over $1,000 Free
    (maximum transaction fee of $25 per transaction)
    Processing fee per transaction 1.8% Only 1.8% (+ $0.08 per transaction)
    *Compared to standard credit card processing fees of 2.2% – 4.65%


    To learn more about our program or you have any question , please fill out our contact form.

    Get In Touch

    Honolulu Hawaii +1(808) 450-7683

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